Keyword Research Services

A truly unique approach to one of the most important deliverables in SEO.

I’ve developed my own tools that use machine learning and natural linguistic programming to make the the keyword research process incredibly thorough and efficient. You won’t have seen keyword research this detailed before.

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Everything starts with keywords

Nearly every SEO strategy should start with keyword research. It’ll help uncover poorly optimised product and category pages, site taxonomy problems, potential editorial content and, in many cases, missed business opportunities.

My keyword research process has been gradually refined over the last decade. The final deliverable utilises artifical intelligence to analyse, cluster and categorise 200,000+ keywords with greater efficiently and accuracy than traditional methods of keyword organisation.

My end deliverable won’t just provide you with a keyword research document, but you’ll also receive a detailed analysis making sense of any trends or insights that were uncovered during the process.

How my keyword research services will help…

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Site Taxonomy

An optimised site taxonomy makes it easier for search engines, and users, to navigate your site. 

Is the structure of your site optimised in a way that reflects how people search?

My keyword research methodology doesn’t just provide you with keywords, but identifies potential shortfalls in your site taxonomy. 


Landing Page Relevancy

My methodology will include keywords covering every aspect of the customer journey and map these back to key areas of your site.

At every customer touch point, the keyword research document will validate that your landing pages target the correct search intent. In many instances, it’ll also likely illuminate the need for new landing pages to be created to target business opportunities you weren’t visible for before. 

Andy Chadwick
Andy Chadwick

Product Opportunities

Part of the process involves scraping all of your main competitors content. Due to my approach to keyword research, no stone is left unturned. 

Consequently, unique and trending pain points in the way people search is often uncovered. In many instances this has resulted in businesses incorporating new product offerings that have significantly grown their bottom line.

See for yourself

See what the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence can do in a keyword research document that’s truly different.

Andy Chadwick Branding
Andy Chadwick Branding

About My Keyword Research Services

Having a detailed and thorough keyword research will ensure your site is user-centric and your digital marketing strategy is well informed.

My analysis aims to identify popular search terms as well as niche, specific “long tail” queries. Using this research, I’ll provide you with rolled up insights that’ll ensure your site is relevant and visible when users are looking for answers to their questions.

Incredibly detailed

Your keywords will be categorised into 3-4 categories and incorporate monthly search volume metrics allowing you to filter by desired category and get a top-level view of seasonality.

You’ll also be able to pivot your data to view keyword topic clusters as I use artificial intelligence to group similar keywords together. You’ll no longer waste time creating pages that rank for one keyword; you’ll be able to create pages that rank and target hundereds of keywords with much less effort. 

keyword research deliverable
keyword research Organic-opportunity

Quickly identify quick wins

I’ve incorporated a custom built algorithm into my keyword research which will label each keyword red, amber or green depending on how optimised your site is for that keyword. 

When this is rolled up into keyword categories, you’ll easily be able to see which “categories” and topic areas should be prioritised on an opportunity vs reward basis. 

Get a forecast of your SEO efforts

My keyword research will take into account your click through rates for branded and non branded terms, will look at average order values, conversion rates and seasonality and produce a forecast which can be used to map expected revenue income as a result of SEO efforts. I want to be able to give you some idea as to the expected ROAS of your marketing efforts. 

keyword research forecast

Not Just for SEO…

I categorise the keywords into logical hierarchies so you’ll be able to use the document to easily create effective campaigns and ad group structures in your Google ads and Bing account.

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Businesses approach me to generate more leads via the web.

Having worked with both innovative start-up companies as well as global corporations, you can be confident you’ll receive a service that’s built on a wealth of varied experience.