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Content marketing should inform, delight and yield trust in your customers. It’s the online art of communicating with your sites visitors without selling.

I help clients to find, plan, develop and implement content strategies that drive traffic and convert.


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A Data Driven Approach To Content

If you have it, a great content strategy starts with analysing the content already present on your site and gauging which pieces are working towards your goals.

Blogs and other editorials that are no longer contributing to your objectives should be redirected, deleted or merged. Blog posts that are working should be improved further or used as inspiration for future pieces.

I’ve built my own algorithm to process existing content on your site at scale and provide suggested actions based on how it’s performing.

I’ll then use my unique approach to keyword research combined with with a detailed analysis into your competitor’s content to ideate a content calendar with content we know will drive results.

Finally, we’ll set up a system to continually create, review and refine content assets that are published meaning your business gets the most from the assets it’s spent time and resources producing. 

Why My Content Strategy Will Work For You

Andy Chadwick

Data Driven Decisions

If you already have content, I’ll analyse over 35 data points to produce an efficient and data-driven way of grading your pages using my custom scoring algorithm. I’ll then produce recommendations on what should happen to this content. 

If you don’t already have content, my unique approach to keyword research will identify important topics that we should be writing about. Any content we produce will be relevant to your business and valued against agreed KPI’s.

Content Performance

Where possible, I’ll group existing content topics together and aggregate key metrics to get a “top level view” of how certain types of content are performing. 

This will allow you to see, very quickly, which types of posts are resulting in goals which align to your business objectives so that you can do more of them.

Going forward, we’ll implement a system to continually review and improve any content assets that are produced.

Andy Chadwick
Andy Chadwick

Content Recommendations

Future content recommendations will be data led. We’ll focus on editorials that stand the best chance of ranking for the most keywords with the least effort.

I’ll provide recommendations on how your content should be linked to enhance customer experience as well as Google’s understanding of your content topics. I use a custom built NLP program that utilises the BERT algorithm (same algo used by Google) to do this.

Andy Chadwick Branding

Benefits Of Producing (Good) Content

Ensuring your site has a decent editorial or blog section is important for a number of reasons.


1. It means you’re more visible across multiple stages of the user journey. Consumers don’t just start their search with “phones for sale”. Typically their end purchase will be the culmination of hours of research, comparisons and reading. If your blogs and editorials are present during this “research” phase, you’ll not only build trust with your consumer, you’ll be able to control the narrative of how this research is interpreted.


2. It increases the semantic relevance of your site on a given subject. Search engines view your site as a corpus of documents and so the more content you have covering topics relevant to your niche, the more a search engine will understand the point and purpose of what your site is.


3. It increases the opportunities for outreach and building authority. Obtaining backlinks are still fundamental for every SEO strategy. It’s much easier to get honest and genuine backlinks if you create content that people find useful and informative.


Benefits Of Having A Content Strategy

It takes a lot of time and resource to produce great content. By having a content strategy in place we’ll ensure that any content being created has a reason for existing. Each piece of content will have a well defined purpose and goal. We’ll ensure the content we produce is comparatively easy to get results from and any content I recommend will be backed up by data and proved with results. 

In short, having a content strategy in place will ensure you’re not blindly wasting time and money on content that won’t perform. 


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Andy did a great job on a content audit project I needed expert help on. He quickly assessed the situation, came up with some recommendations, and then overdelivered on what he promised. Andy is easily one of the best SEOs I’ve worked with. I have already referred a couple close friends as clients because I know they’ll benefit from hiring Andy to help them with their business.

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Andy Chadwick


Businesses approach me to get their websites generating more leads and converting more sales.

Having worked with both innovative start-up companies as well as global corporations, you can be confident you’ll receive a service that’s built on a wealth of varied experience.