SEO Strategy

Tactics means doing things right. Strategy means doing the right things.

Having a great SEO strategy shouldn’t just mean increasing your organic visibility. It’s important that SEO works in harmony with other paid channels to improve your bottom line and not just your organic traffic.

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Varied Experience

Having worked with both start-ups and international organisations, I’ve got a wealth of experience in formulating successful SEO strategies for businesses in wildly different situations. 

Why Should You Speak To Me?

Andy Chadwick

Multi Channel Understanding

I specialise in SEO, but having grown my own start-up company to a turnover of £2.5 million within 3 years I have a good understanding of other, paid channels. 

Being frank, SEO is always a good investment, but it shouldn’t always be the leading source of traffic for some businesses. My knowledge of other channels ensures any strategy I recommend will always work in harmony with your other marketing efforts to improve your bottom line.

Unique And Industry Leading Technology

Most successful SEO strategies should begin with keyword research to determine what users are looking for and where the opportunities on your site are.

My keyword research process utilises industry leading machine learning and natural linguistic programming for a truly unique and advanced approach to understanding your customers. 

Andy Chadwick
Andy Chadwick

Not Just Interested In Vanity Metrics

Increasing your organic traffic is great, but only if you increase the right types of traffic. 

Although I’m interested in driving more visitors to your website, I’d rather focus on acquiring the right visitors. At the end of the day, increasing traffic that converts is more important to me. 

Andy Chadwick Branding

Main Aim Is To Empower You

My goal isn’t actually to become a permanent extension of your organisation. Sure I’d love to work with you for as long as possible, but I’m also happy to train and help you recruit internally so that your reliance on me decreases over time.

Truly Bespoke

I don’t work from templates or follow a “standard plan”. My strategy and recommendations are completely tailored to your business and its goals.

I Can Scale With Your Business

Whether you need one consultant to work with your internal team, or would prefer a fully managed, content generating, site optimising machine – I have a network of highly talented, hand picked freelancers which means I can scale with your business. 

I Work Smarter

I’ve leveraged the power of AI to build my own proprietary tools  helping me to solve complex problems quicker, with more accuracy and more cost effectively. 

Andy Chadwick


Businesses approach me to get their websites generating more leads and converting more sales.

Having worked with both innovative start-up companies as well as global corporations, you can be confident you’ll receive a service that’s built on a wealth of varied experience.