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Andy is a data driven SEO consultant who loves incorporating artificial intelligence and machine learning into his work. 

He is primarily known for his unique approach to keyword research, having developed his own tools to help with keyword categorisation and intent classification. 

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Hello. I’ve been in the digital marketing industry since 2013 and worked with startup companies as well as international organisations.

I’m now Co-founder and Content SEO Lead at Snippet Digital – an exclusive SEO consultancy providing advanced SEO and digital strategies to clients across Europe and beyond.

I’m also from Scotland hence all these seemingly abstract, but beautiful, images of the Cairngorm Mountains. It’s meant to make you feel relaxed and at ease whilst evoking nostalgia for me.

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Mastering mid-to-long term strategy.

Creating long term goals, and attaining them by deploying practical and measurable tactics.


Different Industries. Different Requirements. Same Results.

Excelling in a dynamic, high-stakes agency environment. Depended on by global brands.


Building success from the ground up.

Taking companies from a living room coffee table to £2.5m turnover within a short period of time with digital marketing expertise.

Andy Chadwick Branding

Life began for me in Scotland where I was born somewhere along the A96 en-route to Aberdeen.

Not entirely sure what happened but I know it probably wasn’t comfortable for my Mum (or Mom for any of you Americans reading this). Think my Father probably racked up a few speeding tickets too.

Since then my life hasn’t been any less colourful. I’ve lived and worked all over the world including Italy, USA and Australia to name a few. This taught me two things; how to communicate and work with diverse groups of people and that I like beaches.

Fast forward a few years and I studied Archaeology and Ancient History at the University of Nottingham. Studying a humanities degree that had a scientific element to it taught me a lot about writing persuasively as well as using data to prove hypothesis and guide decisions. I didn’t know it yet, but this would lead to a love of digital marketing, which if done correctly, should be considered a science.

After University I had an incredibly high pressure, cut throat, target driven sales job based in London. I didn’t hate it, but it wasn’t for me. However, it did teach me a lot about selling and the psychology of buying.

I left this sales job to start a company with a friend. I quickly learnt web design, SEO, PPC and digital marketing and grew this company to a turnover of £2.5 million in 4 years. It also took me all over the world (again) as we exported to over 23 countries.

As the company grew I had less and less to do with the marketing which is where I enjoyed spending my time. So after nearly 6 years, to the surprise of a few, I left to join a global digital marketing agency to familiarise myself in working with larger organisations. I wanted to see if the things I taught myself for a small start-up would be applicable to global, blue chip companies. After just under a year there as a Senior SEO Account Manager I left to become an SEO consultant and passionate freelancer.

And so here I am now, an SEO Consultant. I’ve worked with start-up companies as well as global organisations. I’ve been both client and agency side and I’ve been in sales, business development and marketing roles. I’ve designed and built a number of commercially successful websites, grown a start-up company and offered consultation services for a number of other organisations. With that in mind, I hope you find some useful nuggets of information on my digital marketing blog and, if you need an SEO  consultant – get in touch.

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Andy Chadwick
Andy Chadwick

Clients Include:

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Businesses approach me to generate more leads via the web.

Andy’s developed his own tools that use industry leading machine learning and artificial intelligence meaning you’ll get more accurate insights, quicker. Contact Andy for a data driven approach to SEO that is truly different.